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Tire & Rubber Cleaner

Tire & Rubber Cleaner

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Tire & Rubber Cleaner is designed to effortlessly remove dirt & other contaminants from tires, wheels, and rubber using our non-acid foaming action

Safe on all wheel types

Quickly revive rubber mats

How To Use:

Spray this cleaner directly onto alloy wheels, plastic wheel covers, brake parts, suspension parts, plastic fender liners, undercarriage parts, and even works on rubber mats!

Clean rubber tire sidewalls to ensure tire shine dressings last longer & look better.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Amazing product does an amazing job

Rockysuds Detailing
Love this stuff

Tire and Rubber cleaner is quick and easy, especially if you have a Pump Sprayer. It does 95% of the hard work if not all of it. I like this stuff for the wheel wells as well. Even does pretty good on the "carpeted" sound deadening plastic in the wheel wells. Just remember to Dry Brush those "carpet" wheel wells first otherwise your just tryin to clean mud. Dedicate a second upholstery brush for this to help make it easier. I was given that tip so I'll pass it to you guys.

sierra gfx
cleans with no effort

my tires have been dirty since i got them used. i never imagined how clean they could be with literally zero effort. sprayed on this chemical and just rinsed off and watched my wheel look brand new for the first time