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Tire And Trim Dressing

Tire And Trim Dressing

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Introducing our Tire and Trim Dressing – the ultimate solution for achieving a long-lasting, high-gloss shine on all your plastic trims. Specially formulated with care, our Tire and Trim Dressing Gel offers exceptional performance, effortlessly transforming dull and faded surfaces into eye-catching focal points. Experience the power of this water-based gel as it revitalizes your tires and trims with a brilliant, enduring shine.

Unleash the beauty of your vehicle's exterior with our Tire and Trim Dressing Gel. Designed to provide optimal results on all plastic trims, this versatile formula guarantees a lustrous finish that lasts. From tires to bumpers, grilles to moldings, our Tire and Trim Dressing Gel breathes new life into every plastic surface it touches.

Prepare to be amazed as our gel-based formula adheres to surfaces, creating a protective barrier that resists fading and cracking caused by harmful UV rays. Say goodbye to the frustration of frequent reapplication and hello to a long-lasting shine that withstands the test of time.

Applying our Tire and Trim Dressing Gel is a breeze. Simply squeeze a small amount onto an applicator pad or microfiber cloth, and evenly spread it across the desired surfaces. Watch as the gel effortlessly penetrates deep into the plastic, restoring its original richness and color, while leaving behind a captivating shine.

We take pride in our water-based formula, ensuring that our Tire and Trim Dressing Gel is not only effective but also safe for use on all plastic trims. Feel confident in its compatibility with various types of plastics, allowing you to achieve consistent results without worrying about damage or discoloration.

Indulge your senses with the refreshing scent that accompanies each application, adding a touch of satisfaction to your tire and trim dressing routine. Elevate your vehicle's overall aesthetic appeal and make a statement wherever you go with the captivating shine of our Tire and Trim Dressing Gel.

Choose our Tire and Trim Dressing Gel and unlock the secret to achieving a long-lasting, high-gloss shine on all your plastic trims. Experience the joy of owning a vehicle that radiates sophistication and attention to detail. Add our Tire and Trim Dressing Gel to your cart today and embrace the enduring shine that will set your vehicle apart from the rest.

Note: For best results, clean and dry the surfaces before applying our Tire and Trim Dressing Gel. Refer to the product label for specific instructions and recommendations.

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Customer Reviews

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Marc Cote
Great customer service

First time using jungle box. Was referred by my son at Prickly pear glass cuz he swears by them. Looking forward to using this asap

Great products!

My favorites are the tire shine and the wheel and tire cleaner! I do recommend all of the products, and have banners hung in the detail shop - definitely conversation starters!

Stephenie Fry

All of the products are amazing the customer services amazing all around. I’m in love with this company and this product.

Best around

I’ve been cleaning cars for over 30 years and have tried hundreds of products. I will say that all of the Junglebox products are the best I’ve seen and the tire dressing is no exception!