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Rhino Rage: Wheel Cleaner

Rhino Rage: Wheel Cleaner

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Introducing Rhino Rage – the formidable wheel cleaner that fearlessly takes on tough grime, brake dust, and more. With its non-caustic and acid-free formula, Rhino Rage is the ultimate solution for restoring the brilliance of your wheels while ensuring their long-lasting beauty. Prepare to witness the power of Rhino Rage as it effortlessly tackles the dirtiest wheels, leaving them looking as if they just rolled off the showroom floor.

Don't compromise the safety of your wheels – choose Rhino Rage. This exceptional wheel cleaner is meticulously crafted to be safe for use on any wheel type. Whether you have aluminum, alloy, chrome, or painted wheels, Rhino Rage guarantees a thorough clean without the risk of damage. With Rhino Rage, you can trust that your wheels will retain their original finish and integrity, no matter how sensitive they may be.

Unleash the power of Rhino Rage to combat the most stubborn grime and brake dust. This advanced formula penetrates deep into crevices and corners, dissolving and loosening even the toughest contaminants. Watch as Rhino Rage effortlessly lifts away dirt and brake dust, revealing a spotless, gleaming surface that will leave you in awe.

Rhino Rage doesn't stop at cleaning wheels; it can also double as an iron remover. This versatile solution effectively removes iron particles that may have bonded to your wheels, leaving behind unsightly spots and stains. Experience the convenience of an all-in-one cleaner that takes your wheel care to the next level.

While Rhino Rage is safe for use on most surfaces, it is advisable to avoid direct contact with plastics whenever possible. This precaution ensures the longevity and integrity of plastic components.

Elevate your wheel cleaning routine with the power of Rhino Rage. Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have made Rhino Rage their go-to wheel cleaner. Bid farewell to stubborn grime and brake dust and embrace the confidence that comes with having impeccably clean wheels. Add Rhino Rage to your cart today and witness the transformation of your wheels like never before.

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Customer Reviews

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Erick Guzman
Best wheel cleaner

Smells super good, brought my offroad wheels back to life!!!!


Great product an a little goes a long way 🙌🏼